September 4, 2012

It's official! Bad names are bad for your child!

An interesting article has cropped up today discussing a recent study into names and their effects on people, especially in regards to employment.

The article which can be accessed here speaks about naming trends and the positives and negatives to having a very common name. It also discusses the negatives to having to a rather unique, different and hard to pronounce name. I say negatives as there were no positive.

It follows on from a disturbing article several weeks ago discussing bizarre names that parents in Australia had given their children. All I can say is that I feel deeply sad for the little girl named Bacardi. She is condemned to a life of stripping and bar work.

The biggest and most important point the article makes is that when considering a name you should imagine a scenario 20 odd years into the future where your child enters an office for a job interview, holds out their hand to shake and says, 'Hi, my name is......'

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July 4, 2012

Jubilant names for the Jubilee!

It's been a while and boy have I been busy. It fills me with such delight to know that everyday so many of you are visiting this blog and hopefully being inspired.

2012 really is England's year. I mean, the Jubilee and now the Olympics. Those cute loved up royals Wills and Kate have been getting around drumming up support and the world seems to be having a love affair with all things Britain - I'm very much included in that!

What better time to reflect on some British inspired baby names including some rather guilty pleasures. Without further ado, jubilant names for the Jubilee!


Brittany - Actually named for a region in France from where the Britons fled however we now tend to associate it with the country. So Brittney in various spelling was popular in the 90's and early 00's thanks to Ms. Spears. Not such a great name sake but I still love the name especially the GP Brittania.

Elizabeth - After fiery red head and rumoured virgin queen, Elizabeth I and our current ruler HRH Elizabeth II. The Queen's second granddaughter born this year to grandson Peter and his wife Autumn was named Isla Elizabeth.

London - After the glorious and historic city. The first time I heard this name on a real child I was in shock for a while. This is certainly a guilty pleasure for me - I love the name but would I ever use it on a real child...I don't know? Common as a surname, it can also be considered a masculine name.

Victoria - After Queen Victoria. Do yourself a favour - if you have not yet seen the film The Young Victoria take some time and watch it. It changed my perspective on her completely - she's not just the overweight old woman wearing black that we all see.


Albert - After Victoria's dedicated husband Prince Albert. I think this name and perhaps its nick name Alby could make a comeback.

Kent - After the British county, or 'state' to us Aussies. Where my family originate from (as free settlers!)

Henry - Given name of current Prince Harry. He shares this with Henry the 8th, otherwise known as father of Elizabeth I and prolific wife killer.

Winston - My husband would give me a sideways look for not mentioning the name of the former PM. Such a key player in the history of modern England

Would you use any of these names? Can you think of any other names to celebrate Britain?

I'll try to not leave so long between drinks next time! Until then...

April 18, 2011

2011 Naming Trends

Want to stay ahead of the trend when it comes to naming your baby? You have landed on the correct post for that!

2011 will say goodbye to the most common name combo of the last few years - Ella Grace - and welcome in a variety of new names, mostly inspired by popular culture and our much loved royals. Trends are heading towards classic names and away from hideous spellings and made up 'drug induced' words (for they aren't even names!)

Without further ado....


Alice: This classic previously associated with the blonde who chased a white rabbit down a rabbit hole has been slowly creeping back up the charts. It's one of many sweet classics to make their way back to popularity.

Annabel: Carrying on from the Isabelle trend people are turning to the equally lovely Annabel as the next Belle name. The Belle/Bella trend wont die as more Twilight movies are set to release.

Josephine: Our newest little Aussie princess courtesy of Mary. After the birth of Isabella that name grew in popularity so everything suggests this will too. From the name Joseph meaning 'he will add'. Has the cute nick name Josie that many 20/30 somethings can relate to Josie and The Pussycats! This may also lead to the rise of other Jo names.

Kate: About to become the newest member of the British royal family, Kate or Catherine may see a revival in popularity as who wouldn't want to imagine their daughter marrying a prince?

Mathilda: Exceptionally popular after the birth of Heath Ledgers Matilda, this European spelling may become popular now as this name was Princess Mary's way of honouring Australia when naming her little Josephine.

Sophia: Popular several years ago this name may grow again due to its usage as a middle name for Princess Josephine.


Alexander: One of the middle names of Mary's little Prince Vincent, whilst I doubt Vincent will take off, the popularity of this name might be renewed.

Finn: The name of Miranda Kerr's little bundle of boy, Finn Bloom may inspire others to use this cute name. The name has multiple meanings, 'white' or 'person from Finland'.

Harry: Renewed interest in the royals may see a rise in the use of the Princes names. Harry's name is actually Henry, so this one may rise too!

Max: After the birth of J-Lo's son Max this name has garnered more usage and interest and will be one to watch this year as people look for something different without it being trashy.

William: Again, could this one be a royal revival. It's never dropped from popularity but could the wedding of the year bring this name to the forefront of people's minds.

What do you think will be big in 2011?

July 12, 2010

Even more winter names...

Without a doubt the most popular post in this blog is the 'Winter Names' post from June 2009. Due to its popularity I've decided to go again with even more winter themed names. People around the world think of winter in different ways and this will var the way you look at winter themed names. For me, when I think of winter I think of snow capped mountains and a magical white wonderland alongside cuddling up by a warm fire with a good book. The names below are inspired by my type of wintery dreams.


Beaumont: A french boys name, originally used as a surname, meaning "beautiful mountain"

Bianca: A girls name that is a variant of Blanche meaning "white" or "fair"

Finnian: A boys name or Irish origin meaning "white"

Gwyneira: A girls name of Welsh origin combining Gwyn "White/fair" and Eira "snow". This also leaves open the possibility of using Gwen, Gwyn, Gwyneth.

Hermione: A girls name from Greek Mythology and also the name of a character in Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale

Himesh: a boys names of Indian origin meaning "snow king"

Nevada: A state of America but also Spanish for "snow capped"

Neve: A girls name of Latin origin meaning "snow" also has the variants Neva, Nieves

Parvati: A girls name from Sanskrit meaning "daughter of the mountains"

Xue: A chinese name for both boys and girls meaning "snow". The pronunciation is "shway"

Yule: A boys name of Old english origin meaning "winter solstice" also has the variant Ewell

April 26, 2010

April babies and a round the world whip around

Ahh April, when the weather can't decide whether it is summer, autumn, or winter. Sunny one moment, flood raising storms the next. Bieber fever hit Sydney with the cops shutting down his only gig no thanks to unruly rule breaking, later heart broken, teens and tweens. April has also been the month of the quake in Australia with sizeable quakes hitting both Adelaide and Kalgoorlie. Have the strange phenomenons led to strange names? Lets find out!


Marli Willow
Sophie Louise
Sarah Jayde
Amber Grace
Violet Nancy Anne
Lucinda Rose
Hannah Grace
Charlotte May
Bernadette Louise
Anna Grace
Scarlett Grace
Zoe Rebekah
Layla Edith
Gemma Elizabeth
Abbey Eloise
Chloe Alison
Zoe Olivia
Bridie Grace
Emily Ruth
April Skye

Samuel Richard
Liam Bradley
Leo Peter
Christian Nicholas
Zander West
Jack Allan
Ewan Graham
Spencer James
Dylan George
Matthew George
Rhys Scott
Angus Henry
Elliott Lucas
Archer James
Thomas Robert George

Some rather lovely names this month, I'm a huge fan of Archer James and Bridie Grace, although I am very much over Grace and James in the middle name spots.

April UK births: Why the UK? Naming trends in Australia tend to follow trends in the UK much more than those in the US.


Catherine Cecilia
Alethea Emmanuelle Christiane
Cara Naomi
Daisy Jane
Lottie Georgia Florence
Eliza Rose
Matilda Rose
Celeste Johanna
Eve Verity
Isabella Harriet Stella
Soleil Evelyn
Emma Rose
Matilda Florence Amelia
Charlotte Ella
Esther Myrtle


Alfred Oliver William
Toby George
Henry Michael Andrew
Thomas Sebastian
Jackson Jude
Jonah Atticus Hayden
Orlando John
Alexander Kyle
Hugo Oliver James

And that was April!


At The Going Down Of The Sun
And In The Morning
We Will Remember Them.



Beiber Fever - I just don't get it?
I thought his name was Beaver!

February 22, 2010

Welcome Februarians!

Being that I am a Februarian, yes I just invented that word, I thought it only fitting that I welcome in some new Februarians. And yes, I am completely biased when I say that February is the best month to be born in! Congratulations also to some friends who welcomed their son Hamish into the world, not only in the best month, but on the best day of the best month!

We've gone from multiple name combinations with 2 or even 3 middle names to many children only having only 1 given name. If it wasn't against the law I'm certain that people would try to name their child something like $, or ! There are some horrible trendy wendy names out there this month! Note to parents: a Y does not automatically create an I sound!

Australian February births:

Alexandra Olive
Ruby Marion Kathleen
Ella Violet
Kayla Rose
Ebony Lee
Emma Charlotte
Maddison Rose
Indigo Jean
Lily Mae
Milla Jade
Isla Grace
Emily Hope
Ruby Margarete
Ella Grace - the most popular combo of the last 18 months!
Eleanor Anne Robina
Monique Dior - seriously? Just buy a handbag.
Hayley Christina Marie
Celena Chloe - gorgeous!
Charley Reyne - trendy alert!

Liam Joshua
Heath Aiden
Dylan Elliot
Seth Gary
Tyler James
Bronte Edward
Henry Lewis
Darcy Max
Eddy David
Aidan Frank
Jack Gordon
Eli Thomas
Lyam - lie am? I'm a lie? I'm sensing you thought Liam was too common? Here's a thought, pick a different name instead of condemning your child for life with your illiteracy.

Thought for the month: Just because it says it on the internet it doesn't mean it's true.

January 16, 2010

Welcome Diammond Sparckle

No this is not a joke.... The Daily Telegraph, Jan 16, 2010


FILLING out forms could be challenging in years to come for Diammond Sparckle Zedekeyah Lilly Ann Martin.

But her parents reckon the name will not lose its lustre. Baby Diammond was born on New Year's Eve to Lake Macquarie couple Adam and Brinessa - their 11th child and eighth daughter.

Ms Martin, 35, said the idea for "Diammond" came after downloading baby names on to her iPhone.

"I thought it was a pretty name," she said. "Everyone loves diamonds and they are sparkly so it sort of fitted. We just added a couple of letters to the name so it would be a bit different."

Unusual names are not new to the family, with a Brandi Shyla Molly Robyn, an Indego Raindrop Sapphire and a Cruz Richard among little Diammond's older siblings.

NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages spokeswoman Alana Sheil said most names were acceptable in NSW, provided they were made up of the letters of the alphabet.

Among other unusual names in recent years are H (pronounced haich) and Metallica. But while unique names appeal to some, Ms Sheil urged parents to think carefully about naming a child."It has to be able to be used in society, it can't be a symbol like the @ symbol, it can't be a sentence and we won't register names that would give your child a title," she said.

"What sounds cute when they are three months or 13 months or 13 years might not be so cute when they are applying for a job," she said.


I could not agree more with Ms. Sheil. I do wonder though if she'll end up going by Lilly?

December 23, 2009

Christmas Baby Names

Are you expecting at Christmas, conceived at Christmas or just plain love Christmas and want to give your child a Christmas themed name? Here's a list of Christmas themed names to jingle your bells or frosty your snowman, depending on where you live! Some are cliched, some are not!

Anastasia - December 25 is the German name day for Anastasia
Carol - Christmas carols of course!
Christian - Christmas is celebrated by some as the birth of Christ and Christianity
Christina - December 25 is the Greek name day for Christina
Elden - A Christmas Elf
Gabriel - The angel who told Mary she was going to have Jesus. Try explaining that one!
Holly - A cute girls name after the Christmasy flora
Natalia - A gorgeous girls name that should be used any time of the year. It too means Christmas.
Nicholas - Who could forget Jolly old St. Nicholas! Just another name for Santa
Nicola - the feminine of Nicholas
Noelle - Best for girls this name reminds me of the beautiful carol The First Noel. It simply means Christmas.
Stella - December 25 is the Latvian name day for Stella, which also means star
Timothy - Remember Tiny Tim from Dicken's A Christmas Carol
Wenceslaus - I know a Wenceslaus, but he does live in the Czech Republic where the name is considered more mainstream. Remember the song, Good King Wenceslaus?

Find anything you like?

Merry Christmas