September 4, 2012

It's official! Bad names are bad for your child!

An interesting article has cropped up today discussing a recent study into names and their effects on people, especially in regards to employment.

The article which can be accessed here speaks about naming trends and the positives and negatives to having a very common name. It also discusses the negatives to having to a rather unique, different and hard to pronounce name. I say negatives as there were no positive.

It follows on from a disturbing article several weeks ago discussing bizarre names that parents in Australia had given their children. All I can say is that I feel deeply sad for the little girl named Bacardi. She is condemned to a life of stripping and bar work.

The biggest and most important point the article makes is that when considering a name you should imagine a scenario 20 odd years into the future where your child enters an office for a job interview, holds out their hand to shake and says, 'Hi, my name is......'

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